Cavorting with Chaos

Greenest in Flames

HotDQ ep. 1

XP for session:
Everyone: +164xp
Cathexis, Dewd, Tony, Bin: +383xp

Finn Frogsbottom, who revealed himself to be part of a secret organization (one of many on the continent Aridon) concerned with maintaining the political balance of the land in the interests of commerce and trade, tasked the adventurers to investigate a series of bandit raids in the interlocking region of hills and ravines that make up the eastern lands of Faveria known as the Greenfields. Specifically, they were to travel in disguise as guards for a merchant caravan travelling through the region until they reached the village of Greenest, largest of the settlements in the Greenfields.

Upon arriving the adventurers found the village engulfed in flames and beseiged by a blue dragon and hordes of Kobold and human raiders. Saving a family from six kobolds they discovered that most of the town had retreated to the keep on the central hill. After trying in vein to draw the dragon away from the village, the Paladin Cathexis rejoined his party to save more villagers from the raiders and eventually taking them to the safety of the keep where Bin had already arrived with the first villagers they had met.

Once in the keep the Tarbaw Nighthill, Governer of Greenest, and Escobert the Red, Castellan of the keep, introduced themselves to the party. Here the adventurers discovered that the town came under siege just before sunset, but that although the keep was surrounded by the enemy soon after the gate was closed, the raiders had since made no attempts to advance on the keep nor to attack the people inside. Meanwhile you noticed that the destruction in the town did not seem random. Few structures had been set on fire. Rather, the flames came from burning piles of hay or stacks of lumber. The raiders also seemed more interested in looting the homes than demolishing them, as if searching for something.

The Governer, fearing for the safety of those villagers who had not made it to the keep asked the adventurers to do what they could to help. Using a secret tunnel in the dungeon of the keep the adventurers made their way to an exit from the hill disguised as a drainage pipe. They were nearly spotted exiting the tunnel by a party of kobolds and humans passing by, hunting for villagers hiding in the bushes beside the creek. The rougue’s sharp eye gave the adventurers a chance to hide successfully and depart after the search party had passed.
Having seen a fire being kindled at the back of the Temple to Transa Melia (formerly Chauntea) snuck up to the back of the temple using the creek and bushes as cover. From there they staged a daring rescue of the villagers and temple priest who were inside. In the process they took the cultist in charge of the miscreants outside of the Temple prisoner. When questioned he refused to say anything other than that he served the Dragon Queen and that their raids would pave the way for her glorious return. As the adventurers and Governer Nighthill finished their interrogation the sound of thunder striking incredibly close and stone cracking and falling resounded throuout the keep. When the adventurers made their way outside they saw…




Greenest in Flames

Oh, The Dewd embraces.

Greenest in Flames
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