Cavorting with Chaos

Taking out the Trash

Or, triggering traps for fun and profit...

After discovering two new playmates in the sarcophagi of the ancient dungeon, our hearty adventurers proceeded to release a Flesh Golem from its long slumber and get repeatedly zapped by the Dragon statue trap that started the whole thing. Eventually they figured out the could just lean a coffin lid against the statue to stop the current from zapping them. Then they argued with the ghost of a particularly grumpy mage King who just wanted them to leave him alone. Having made short work of the Golem, all were a bit surprised that the bug swarms they released from a pile in a storage room were so difficult to handle. After searching a bit more they found a library. The mage king had indicated there might be such a place and if they were looking for information about the shard that would be a better place to look than his final resting place (jeesh, take a hint guys). Among the many wondrous tomes (and their cleverly ingenious game mechanic) were rat swarms, and a book detailing how to banish the stone forever, in theory. The recipe requires the skull of a dead mage king, the hand of a rogue who died heroically, an iron chain, a glass sphere, and a brass lock. Having found all but the skull the characters were headed back to bother Donatus the Mage King yet again. Considering how rude the were the last time, I doubt very much he’s in the mood to do them any favors.


dsleitner dsleitner

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