Cavorting with Chaos

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Adventure Log

Jerad- feel free to change, fill in, or link to any thing here.

session 1

session 2

session 3

Pillaging tribes coming from caves.
[[:Caves of Chaos]] – long canyon 10 – 15 miles, formed when Content Not Found: Gruumsh was defeated, his eye split into several Shards and on part landed here.

Rooms: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 28, 29

session 4
70 xp
Jamie – Tikka
John – Sling Toe
Chris – Mathis
David L. – GM
Jerad – Content Not Found: Morris

Room 30:
Wand, gold, electrum.
Room 31:
7 electrum, 7 copper.
__ [[:Big Moma]] (Hobgoblin) mentioned Cultist making them do it.
__ The caves are rumored to have the “[[:Eye of Gruumsh]]”.
Room 27:
Secret Door – 27 electrum, Armorments, Boxs, Armor & Wepons, Scalemail Armor. 3 Hobgoblins.
__ Tikka – 6 daggers.
__ Content Not Found: Morris – 14 silvered Arrows.
__ Mathis – 200+ arrows, long sword.
__ Sling Toe – Halbeard, Platemail Armor.
Room 26:
Palets, clothes on walls. 5 Hobgoblins.
Room 24:
Human Prisoners chained to wall, NW corner of room is a ring of keys.
__ Found Old PCs! DEAD! (Content Not Found: Ziggy_, [[:Dude!]], Content Not Found: Wydin_, [[:Boy Erik]], Content Not Found: Gune).
__ 2 Hobgoblins, 10 silver.
__ One shoves hot spear into Sling Toe.
__ Content Not Found: Morris starts to unlock Prisoners.
__ Prisoners are from Traveling Caravan –
__ – [[:Finn Frogbottom]] ( High Merchent ) (from: HobbinDwarf )
__ – Content Not Found: Anara Frogbottom (wife)
__ – Content Not Found: Eddie (guard)
__ – Content Not Found: Paul (guard)
__ – Content Not Found: Ishra ( Orc )
__ – _____ (rabid Knoll)

Rooms: 24, 26, 27, 30, 31.

session 5
Jamie – Bree
David L. – GM
David M. – Dude…
Chris – Mathis
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris
John – Noob
Jeanine – Kes

Raids are happening more frequently, especially toward the end of the Lunar Cycle ( Full Moon ).
Big Mama ( Hobgoblin ) thought we were there to wipe them out for some kind of Cult.
Meet Kobold troop who wants us to kill Orcs.
Meet new party members at Greyfields Tavern.
Meet Kobold in the woods in the morning.
Party enters caves on top left.
Room B7:
3 Orcs, Dude… Sleep 1 Orc, Dude… kills 1 Orc, Mathis falls DEAD. Dude… and Content Not Found: Morris_ run out onto ledge to escape. Noob and Bree hide in cave then escape. Content Not Found: Morris_ falls off ledge after unconcious and survives ( Healing Potions broke on way down and heals Content Not Found: Morris )!
Room B8:
4 Orcs.
Room B10:
6 Orcs.
Get the Dwarven Fighter Kes and go to Mountian again.
FORREST: We wait in woods and range attack the roving guards.
__ Round 1: 3 Orcs DEAD.
__ Round 2: 2 Orcs DEAD, 5 electrum, 1 silver.
__ Position bodies to indicate Kobolds killed the Orcs.
__ 9 Orcs come out and down the mountain. 1 Orc is caught in the Hunter Trap, now one Orc has limp. We run back to town!
__ Comeback next day and fight 6 Orcs in the Woods. 6 Orcs DEAD.

Rooms: B, 7, 8, 10.

session 6
David L. – GM
Jamie M. – Madric
David M. – Dude…
Chris F. – Rathis
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris
John S. – Sling Toe
Jeanine F. – Kes

Next Day.
Start in Town.
Pick up Madric.
Heading back to Caves via side route.
1400: Discover interconnected ledges on left side of Caves.
1500: Killed 2 Orcs at upper Cave entrance.
Room C14:
7 Orcs, 3 Orc babies.
__ Dude… CRIT Orc in crotch!
__ Beemu (NPC) takes Orc babies to the Kobolds.
Room C15:
5 Orcs, 12 copper, 33 silver.
Room C16:
Orc (on steroids), 2 Orogs, 2 Ivory Bracelets etched with gold (25g), Copper Bowl with silver inlay (3g), 10 gold, Orc Leader armor (250g), Silver Belt with gold buckle (10g), 15 gold, Magical Hand Axe (spider inscribed)(+1), Food sacks, Alcohol drink Flasks.
SLEEP 8hrs, disturbed @2hrs, 1 Orc killed, Magic Axe tossed over cliff by Sling Toe fighting Orc.
Room C13 @00:01 :
Chest with- Short Bow, 20 arrows, 2 daggers, 6 gold, 20 silver, 2 long swords, Secret Door to room B12.
Room B12:
5 Orcs,
END in middle of Fight!

Rooms: C, 13, 14, 15, 16, B, 12

session 7
David L. – GM
Jamie M. – Madric
David M. – Dude…
John S. – Sling Toe
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris

BEGIN, middle of Fight.
Room B13:
5 Orcs, 6 gold.
__ Orcs killed by Sling Toe, Beemu, Dude…
__ Sling Toe finds Orc Leaders: Magic Shield (____)(+2AC), ____, Amethyst Key (20g).
Room B12:
Dude… moved Tapestry to find room:
Room 12 Tapestry: 2 Chainmail armor, 4 Long swords, locked Chest (DC15, 0g), 205 copper, 386 silver, 81 electrum, 13 gold, Clay Jar with Runes (Draconic) with Phosphorescent Blue liquid(Potion of Healing), Letter from Vukoen to Orc Leader (in orc) with instructions to Orcs on raiding times.
T intersection with door, opened to find Rotting Meat.
Room B9:
table, fire place.
Room B10:
sleeping pallets, center fire, 10 electrum, 5 Orcs.
__ Beemu kills 1.
__ Dude… kills 1 with 4 Magic Missiles!
Room B11:
Storage. Rotting meat, 3 Shields, 17 Spears, 3 Great Axe, Light Crossbow, 60 Bolts.
Outside Tree:
Madric finds 13 gold in burnt out tree.
2 DAYS LATER (equipment put on consignment)
Area G:
Shun Caves.
Area H:
Room H35:
3 Bugbears,
END at Start of Battle!

Rooms: C, 10, 11, 12, 12t, 13, G, H, 35.

session 8
David L. – GM
Jamie M. – Madric
David M. – Dude…
John S. – Sling Toe
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris
Dennis S. – Arcturus

Room H35:
Adventuring Party rushed in killing Bugbears.
__ Meet Arcturus hiding under the bed.
__ Arcturus joins group, His former Party was killed and cooked up by Bugbears (which Content Not Found: Morris ate!).
Room H36:
open door to find Bugbears kissing! Eeewww.
__ Dude… kills Biggie Bugbear with Ray of Frost.
__ Content Not Found: Morris smacks other Biggie Bugbear with Quarter Staff.
__ Treasure: 6 pieces of Silk (20s each), 2 flasks of liquid (Peppermint Tea?)(Healing Potion), key,
big Chest: 462 silver, Ivory Statue of Content Not Found: HRUGGEK (10p, 200s).
__ Secret Door to Room I 43 (Intersection).
Room I 43:
9 Glow Beetles.
__ Sling Toe – kills 5
__ Arcturus – kills 2
__ Content Not Found: Morris – kills 1
__ Adventuring Party goes through Magic Door to star shaped Intersection and gets trapped so we can not go back.
__ A CURSE is disorienting us.
__ We go Straight (West).
__ Another Intersection, right, left, Straight.
__ Then Y Intersection, Right, left.
Room I 44:
7 Fire Beetles.
__ 5 days of Glow Organs.
__ Another Y Intersection, Right, left.
__ 4 way Intersection, Right, left, straight.
__ Y Intersection, Right, left.
__ Then, Right Right, Right, Left; back to original Intersection.
__ Dude… finds CURSED Magic Secret Door and all gets back to room H36.
Room H37:
Beemu uses Dude…’s Key from Bugbear.
Treasure: stack of Leather (30g), dried Herbs, 3 barrels Ale, 1 Wine keg, 20 pints Oil,
Shield (+1, Gnomish, religious icon emblazed on it ____ [Gnome Deity], Bearer knows which way goes up, Quirk: Bearer hears shield grumbling and 1 time a month says something interesting).
__ We go back opposite way of cave mouth.
__ Content Not Found: Morris accidentally rolls Barrel into Beemu (10 dam) then heals Beemu and Sling Toe.
Room H39:
5 Bugbears.
__ Content Not Found: Morris kills 1 that Dude… Melf arrowed.
__ Beemu kills 1.
__ Sling Toe Whirlwinds 2.
__ Dude… froze foot of 1.
__ Treasure: 15 gold, food, drink, ring of Keys.
Room H40:
door barred and chained, soiled straw and bucket.
Chained Up:
__ Content Not Found: Liam_ & _Content Not Found: Sonya (2 Common Humans, AC11, HP7, Str13, Dex12).
__ Content Not Found: Shara_ & _Content Not Found: Vindel (Elves, AC12, HP5, Dex15).
__ Content Not Found: Frzz Knerck Cuzen (Kobold).
__ [[:Kerck]) & Content Not Found: MePug (Kobolds)(RAN).
__ Content Not Found: McAren (Dwarf, AC17, HP8, Str13).
__ Content Not Found: Gleep (Goblin, AC11)(RAN).
__ Now we go back the way we came.
Room H41:
door barred and chained.
__ Content Not Found: Ragnar (Human).
__ 3 Hobgoblins.
__ 1 Knowle.
__ 1 Content Not Found: Bugbear (part of the [[: Bugbear Revolt!]]).
Room H38:
10 Bugbears, 3 Welps.

Rooms: H, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, I, 43, 44.

session 9
David L. – GM
David M. – Dude…
Jamie M. – Madric
Dennis S. – Arcturus
John S. – Sling Toe

Content Not Found: Beemu_ Quit! Went away with what he thought was a Healing Potion but was a Potion of Illusion. Content Not Found: Beemu_ is part of a [[:Mercenary Group]].
Party fights [[:Dire Rat]] and Content Not Found: Owlbear.
Content Not Found: Shara
(NPC) joins group.

session 10
David L. – GM
John S. – Sling Toe
David M. – Dude…
Jamie M. – [[:Je’spre’]]
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris

Room G32:
main cave room, bones.
Room G34:
Owlbear cave.
Room G33:
algae pool.
__ Sling Toe and Content Not Found: Morris probe pool, 2 Grey Ooze attack!
__ Sling Toe collapses 1 Ooze and the other disappears.
Start out of caves and see black and red robed Humans / Orcs marching into the Valley wall.
Random Encounter; Valley:
3 Orc, 1 Content Not Found: Cultist, in woods and open fields.
__ Dude… takes out 2 Orcs with Melf Acid Arrow.
__ Content Not Found: Cultist surrenders, heals [[:Je’spre’]].
__ Content Not Found: Cultist come back from Kobold.
__ Content Not Found: Cultist questioned on the [[:Eye of Gruumsh]].
Room J46:
get to hidden passage in cliff 75 feet up, 3 Knolls.
__ Sling Toe kills 1.
__ Content Not Found: Morris kills 1.
__ Content Not Found: Shara kills 1.
__ Treasure: 6 electrum, 16 silver, 45 copper.
Room J47:
5 Knolls.
__ Treasure: Skins, Pelts, barrel of water, 5 electrum, 5 silver, 54 copper.
Room J48:
Ornate Long Sword in red scabbard (for Sling Toe), 60 bolts, rations, 1 barrel potent Dwarven Ale (78 pints left!)(Intoxicated for 1d4 hours, Sober DC=13+1 ea/cup).
Room J49:
12 Knolls, Sling Toe & Dude… Kill ALL!
__ Treasure: 12 gold, 30 electrum, 60 silver.

Rooms: G, 33, J, 46, 47, 48, 49.

session 11
140 XP
David L. – GM
John S. – Sling Toe
David M. – Dude…
Jamie M. – [[:Je’spre’]]
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris
Dennis S. – Arcturus (only 64 XP)

Room J50:
fire in hearth, 6 Knolls, 3 Welps.
__ [[:Je’spre’]] magically Entangles Knolls.
__ Sling Toe takes out Pack Lord.
__ Content Not Found: Shara falls!
__ Treasure: from:
____ loose Flagstone: 10 gold, 16 electrum, 157 silver, 200 copper.
____ Pack Lord: wearing 2 silver armbands (30s ea), 20 gold.
____ Knolls: 5 silver necklaces (20s ea), 20 electrum.
____ Secret Door: see CORRIDOR.
____ Chimney: ?.
Human Skeleton with, rotted leather, rusted sword, Elven Boots (go to Content Not Found: Morris!
__ Purse: 12 gems (5g ea).
Room K63:
Giant Gelatinous Cube!
__ Sling Toe CRITS! Cube.
__ Arcturus appears in Cube and gets Birthed from the [[:Gelatinous Cube]].
__ Cube takes Content Not Found: Shara_ down.
[[:Gelatinous Cube]] Treasure: 6 platinum, 6 gold, 7 electrum, 7 silver, 6 copper.
Room K62:
6 _Content Not Found: Sarcophagus
, of the [[:Old Gods]], [[:God of the Dead]].
__ 1: Desiccated body = Content Not Found: Undead_ = _Content Not Found: Wight with 2 long swords and a bow.
____ Hidden compartment in Crypt: Scroll of Protection from Undead, Silver Dagger (50g).
__ 2: Bones, with gold and ruby Ring (8000g)( [[:Je’spre’]] has it!).
__ 3: Bones, with rotted black and red robes ( Content Not Found: Gruumsh?, [[:Cult of Chaos]]).
__ 4: Bones.
__ 5: Bones.
__ 6: Bones.

Rooms: J, 50, K, 62, 63.

session 12
83 XP
David L. – GM
Jerad M. – Content Not Found: Morris_ / _Content Not Found: Prig (10 XP)
Jamie M. – [[:Je’spre’]]
John S. – Sling Toe
David M. – Du…de (
10 XP)
Dennis S. – Guest Appearance!

Room K62:
Content Not Found: Prig pops up from one of the Crypts. Trapped by Cultists, tells group about Undead patrols and where he came in at.
Room K60:
Tapestries depicting cruel acts.
__ Content Not Found: Prig tears down, stabs, Holy Waters, and burns.
__ Du…de sees decorative magic symbols in tapestries.
__ on top of Table [[:Je’spre’]] finds a highly polished Steel Mirror (5g).
__ [[:Je’spre’]] also collects Silk bed linens (100g).
Room K61:
sounds like metal working coming from room. Torcher Room with rack and Iron Madien.
__ Du…de puts out Fire Pit.
__ 3 Content Not Found: Cultist / Dark Acolytes.
____ Du…de Ray of Frost 1 Acolyte to death!
__ under Futon, 135 silver, bracelet (200s).
__ Acolyte calls for help.
__ Du…de, Content Not Found: Shara, Sling Toe, takes black and red robes and Symbol of None from dead Acolytes.
__ 3 Undead show up.
____ Content Not Found: Shara orders Undead back to entrance.
__ Content Not Found: Zombie_ patrols every 5 minutes.
60 XP.
Room K64:
Locked cell with dreary small female, _Content Not Found: Medusa
, claims she is being heald as a sacrifice for the cultist.
__ everybody starts talking about weather or not to kill the Content Not Found: Medusa in Front of her!
__ When they start trying to recall lore about Content Not Found: Medusa_, Content Not Found: Morris_ Fumbles and believes the best way to deal with Content Not Found: Medusa is to have a ‘staring’ contest.
__ Content Not Found: Medusa_ turns Content Not Found: Morris_ to stone! In exchange for cure we escort Content Not Found: Medusa to secret door to escape caves.
__ 5 uses left of [[: De-stoning Liquid]].
__ Content Not Found: Morris cured.
23 XP.
Room K54:
Grand Chamber: glowing Brushers, table, 5 Humans in black robes.
__ Cultist have Symbol of Burning Spiral.
__ Cultist take lots of thigh shots!
Red Caves with black veins, groaning coming from down the way.
Room K53:
8 Content Not Found: Zombie with decayed red and black robes.
__ As Du…de goes back and fourth from room 53 to room 54 Content Not Found: Prig walks into room and does Turn Undead (10XP).
__ Content Not Found: Prig_ and Sling Toe clean up Content Not Found: Zombie.
Room K52:
Throne with 4 large red Gems (
___), on east and west walls are rusty Content Not Found: Skeletons, and a Dais (raised platform).
__ Du…de ties rope to 6 Content Not Found: Skeletons_ along Right wall, as soon as he steps onto Dais, Content Not Found: Skeletons_ come alive! All the Content Not Found: Skeletons go after Du…de (
__ [[:Je’spre’]] transforms into large Cat and goes to help Du…de.
__ Du…de uses Scroll of Protection from Undead.
End in Middle of COMBAT!…

Rooms: K, 52, 53, 54, 60, 61, 62, 64.


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