Cavorting with Chaos

The paths of the ancestors

Sunrise in a cave, scaling the ancient way, a deal with the the dragon

-Surrounded by the assembled forces of the Black Brotherhood, the Cult of Chaos and recruited evil creatures from the island, Ray ushered you to a secret exit in the back of the caves. He sent his brother, Ray-ray, to guide you and the tribe’s mothers, children and those not fit to fight. to a new location in the hills where they could be safe while Ray and the remaining neandethal men and women stayed behind to delay the Brotherhood et al.

Jespre returned just ahead of the brotherhood with word that they were coming, but it was too late to do anything. he did give you vital inmtel on the brotherhood however. They are a dark band of mercenary adventurers the Cult has hired to coordinate the search for you and to stop you at all costs. Crimar, the head Cultist on the Island is giving them orders and has made all of the cults resources, manpower and alliances on the island available to them . Crimar has also placed a bounty on your heads promising favored staus in when the cult revives M’org and the Kopru overlords.

The Brotherhood are ruthless and at least as experienced as you are. Their reputation precedes them. Iyanedri is their leader. She is a human warrior of great power and mystery. Some say she is a dark paladin, others that her weapons and armor are so enchanted as to bring the strongest of her foes to their knees in fear. Whether these stories are true or not, she has earned her reputation as a master of strategy and warfare even before forming the Brotherhood.

Tick is a halfling beast master. He commands a menagerie of creatures including an enormous cave troll on whose shoulders he sometimes rides into battle. They say he is half mad, and abandoned the natural caution of his kind at birth. Others say is only part halfling, that a feral druid or posessed forest spirit raped his mother and that he killed her during his birth,. Regardless, he is as unpredictable and ferpcious as any beast he commands. THey say doesn’t just hide behind his beasts but is expert with a dagger and shortsword, sneaking behind foes distracted by his animals to deliver terrifying cuts, expertly placed.

Loathstro is mage, though beyond this liitle seems to be certain about him. Some say he is hum,an, others claim his mother was a dark elf or other fey spirit. He is consumed by magic and advancing his personal knowledge of it. They say he has no other agenda than this. Then again, the feats he has committed as one of the black brotherhood would seem to indicate a soul so ambivalent to the sanctity of life as to be almost pure evil. He never engages in hand to hand combat, but don’t underestimate one like him. He undoubtedly protects himself thoroughly.

Cannar is nearly the size of a giant some say. THey claim that either he is part giant or he was the runt of some giant’s litter. He wields a massive two handed maul nearly as long as he is tall. It has devastating effects on the defenses of his opponents, shattering shields and crushing armor as if they were made of tin.

Kivvin is the marksman of the group. He wields a bow of dark polished wood, said to be harvested from the roots an underdark stone tree. He shoots it unerringly and seems to have a knack, whether from skill or magic, for finding opponents’ waek spots and knocking back even the largest opponents with it. He is swift as the wind and nearly as silent.

As you ran through the caves, Rarray guiding each step, you were glad to have a guide. You would have been lost in moments otherwise. As a result you nearly avoided encountering any dangers, unfortunately a certain Sleen-toe got too close to a Roper which took its toll on the neanderthals before you, Ray-ray and the warriors could dewstroy it. There was no time to mourn and so you continued on to safety at the other end.

Emerging into the daylight you parted ways with the neanderthals and only Ray-ray remained to guide you to the path to the central plateau where the volcano and hopefully the subject of your visions and the creepy skies is centered. Characters in the party with affinity to arcane and natural magic can see the disturbancesd in the sky at night are getting worse and now a giant vortex is forming above the plateau.

You made camp beside the trail with the mountain at your back that night and were set upon almost immediately by 10 “ancestors” (zombies), two of them giants. The encounter was short and sweet making the DM wonder what I have to do to scare you guys.

The next day Ray-ray led you to a village of humans at the confluence of two branches of the river. The village’s holy person, Khivya, seemed to anticipate your arrival and your news of the visions of what is happening in Tanaroa were confirmed by her. She gave you each an “Ancestor Amulet”, a piece of black, glasslike rock bund in fibres from some jungle plant. She promised that once you found the stairs to the bridge across the chasm downstream, you would need these as the path of the ancients is guarded by all the souls that died long ago in the revolt against the Kopru.

You were relieved when you reached the top of the path of the ancients because you could hear the sounds of rattling bones underneath the overgrowan vines on the hil as you passed by, but the amulets seemed to keep them at bay., Jespre in the form of a song bird spotted a nest of pteranodons on the far side of the bridge and you were discussing how to deal with them when you turned the corner to the near side of the bridge and saw an enormous green dragon waiting for you.

The dragon did not kill you outright but instead grilled you about your purpose. He revealed that the Cult had attempted to recruit him to their cause but had neglected to mention reviving the Kopru. The Dragon decided perhaps it would be better to let you succeed than to stand in your way, and even distracted the pteranodons as you crossed the bridge. He is clearly evil, but does not relish the thought of being anyone’s slave again.

Now you are on the other side. The dragon and the pteranodons are long gone. Ahead of you is a wide expanse of grasslands with the occasional grove of trees. The plateau is roughly 30 miles wide and 3000’ above the bottom of the river canyons that surround it. It slopes gently upward to the center where another massive ridge of mountains juts up so high that soon the trees and grass give way to bare rock, and even snow and ice. It is the middle of summer now. For there to be snow, these peaks must be very high. They appear to be about 10 miles away North of your current position. All else is bare grassland save a grove of trees a few miles ENE and another grove much further to the NW.


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